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Each bath bomb is made with Epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda, corn starch, olive oil, distilled water, watermelon essential oil, and mica. Topping is made with baking soda, cocoa butter, and mica.


Bath bombs are great for a relaxing bath and for your skin.


Each ingredient provides different benefits to your skin. Epsom salts help ease stress and relieves pain and muscle cramps. Baking soda helps remove dead skin cells and helps to balance the pH level of the skin which helps keep it clear and even looking. Cornstarch relieves skin irritations. Citric acid doesn’t just give the bath bomb that fun fizz. It is also a great way to help with mild skin problems like body acne and clogged pores. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer for the body. Olive oil has lots of antioxidants and hydrating squalene making it a great addition to our bath bombs.


Caution bath bombs may make tub slippery. A little grease fighting dish soap will remove the slippery oils from the tub.

Watermelon Bath Bomb


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